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Basic information the the CSC and what you need to know to become permanant in your title.
Posted On: Aug 19, 2015
Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be Provisional verses Permanent?

The employer can appoint anyone to a position provisionally.  They must, however, notify the CSC (Civil Service Commission) and the employee must prove they have the minimum requirements for the position.   This is decided through the testing process.  See below for more information on the testing process. Once the employee has shown they possess the minimum requirements, they can request permanency.

Civil Service Testing and Evaluation Methods

Applying for a Civil Service examination? Learn more about the types of examinations the Civil Service Commission administers and the evaluation methods we use:

Job Announcements for the Public

An Open Competitive Job Announcement is an invitation for the public to compete for existing and future job vacancies in a State, County or Municipal government job title. To better understand the process of obtaining careers for New Jersey’s Public Service please visit the Job Application Process.

Promotional Announcements for Current Government Employees

A Promotional Announcement is a notification of a current or anticipated vacant position for permanent State, County or Municipal government employees.

Intergovernmental Transfer Announcements

An Intergovernmental Transfer Announcement is an invitation for permanent State, County or Municipal Government employees or civil service employees who have been laid off to apply for a job within another jurisdiction


How do I find out if I am Provisional or Permanent?

You can either call the Union Office or Personnel (201.336.6375)

Does it really affect me?

Under the Union contract and Civil Service rules, you may be released from service (terminated) if you do not have the basic qualifications for your position.  You would not have the same rights as a permanent employee. You do, however, have rights if you were permanent in another title prior to the one you now hold.

If I am permant, do I have to test again?

Yes.   However, you still maintain your permanency in the old position.  In cases of layoff, you may have the right to return to that old title.

If I score number one, am I guaranteed permanency?

No.  The employer still has some say in who is appointed permanently to the title.  If the employer chooses someone in the top three, they are in compliance.

Once I pass the test, I am permanent, right?

No.  Once you receive notification from CSC that you are qualified, you must write to Mr. Kornfeld (and/or your Director) requesting permanency in your title.   It is almost always granted.

Am I more likely to be granted permanency if I am already doing the job?

Yes. Most employers, the County included, favor the incumbent.  They appointed you in the first place so they generally want to keep you in your position.

Does everyone have to test?

No.  Although some titles do have to test (or at least have to submit an application) showing their qualifications, other titles are exempt.

Titles can be non-competitive and other titles are granted automatic permanency.  Nurses are automatic since they have already proven their qualifications by passing their certification.  Many Clerk titles do not require testing or application because they are considered non-competitive.

I’ve been here for a year and I haven’t received anything from Civil Service. Should I be worried?

Not necessarily.  

First, find out if you are provisional. (see above)

If you are and you haven’t heard from CSC:
              ask the Union to inquire on your behalf, or
              contact the CSC
               or the Department of Personnel to see if there is a reason you haven’t been notified.

        Personnel may ask the CSC to authorize an application process to move things along. 

For more information, go to:

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